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Hello, friends!

We have always been a family of  writers, artists, book-fort builders and daytime dreamers so it was natural for us to get creative together. As we’ve grown older and moved away (across oceans and continents), our family bonds stay strong and important. So against the odds, we’ve decided to go ahead and start a small business together. We are hoping to launch a transatlantic bindery and paper goods supply project based in both Chicago, Illinois and Dublin, Ireland.

Our name comes from one of our favourite authors, James Joyce, as we are reminded by him to explore the connection between the past and the present in his famous novel, Ulysses. In this spirit, O&A aims to handcraft 100% Irish paper goods by using age-old processes from the past to celebrate memories in the present.

Offering coptic-bound leather and cloth notebooks for writers, artists, scientists, chefs and all our other fellow dream chasers out there, O&A hopes to provide quality craftsmanship that captures both creative adventures past and inspires those to come.

Our goal is to launch our sales online by 1 October. But in order to do that, we need your help. You can read more about us at our gofundme website here and like us on facebook here.

We will document our progress, upload tutorial videos and generally keep you informed of how things are going here at O&A through our blog. We hope you stay tuned and follow along with us as we begin this journey together.

Many thanks for your love, support, and interest.

From Dublin with love,